About Us

Listtextbooks.com was founded on the basis of helping one another. And who needs more help these days than college students?

With college tuition going up and the prices of textbooks and college materials going crazy high, listtextbooks.com was founded with the student in mind. It was built by former students and professionals who have been through the difficulties of college and the financial struggles that happen to everyday college students.

The idea came to mind when we were discussing college and how the tuition goes up every year and how students usually buy the textbooks for hundreds of dollars then at semester’s end they go to the college store and sell them for a lot less than what they paid. Because of that, some of them would prefer to throw it or keep it at home on a shelf and let the dust devour it rather than selling it for a couple bucks. That’s where the idea of listtextbooks.com comes to work. Instead of selling it back to the college store or throwing it, or maybe just keep it, why not list it and sell it for more? That way you sell it to the person who will use the same book the next semester. It’s kind of paying it forward but while making money. What else can you ask for? When listing it here you sell it for more and the buyer pays a lot less comparing to the price of the college store or any other place. You are both satisfied. You got more and he/she paid less.

At listtextbooks.com we strive to make it simple for all college students. We’ve been there, we have struggled, and we know what it feels like. All we hope to accomplish out of all this is to make it effortless and painless for the college student to graduate. College should be more affordable instead of something you hate because of a book that costs hundreds of dollars, which sometimes requires you to get a loan to buy it. College should be simple, smooth, and affordable rather than a business and ListTextBooks.com intends to change that!!!

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