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This is since they reward success so handsomely that it is too tempting for the lower-level folks to pass up. Following the sale, the second in command now owns 4,520 shares in the company, priced at $247,108. The insurance and financial services company employs a lot more than 6,000 in Des Moines and nearly 7,500 across Iowa. Seattle and other public institutions should secure the protests with their dollars, Sawant said in a very blog post announcing the legislation. If Buffett loves both banks, but you'll be able to only have just one single, which can you choose. Once you take out that piece that helps make the tower fall, which in this case was the fraud that front-line workers were made to commit, you unearth many more aspects of fraudulent behavior, and realize it really is pervasive through everything. Workers trying in order to meet aggressive sales goals created some 2 million bogus wells fargo bank login accounts.